Monday, April 27, 2009

AEIS, Math

Date: 270409

Day: Monday

Students present: Michael, William, Henry, Susan

Students absent: Noe Noe (sick according to her sister)

Teacher (main and assistants): James

Subject: Math

Topic: Factors and Multiples (test paper), Real Numbers

Teaching process

Concepts taught:

1) Went through the Math test paper on Factors and Multiples

2) Students were taught how to present their answers using a number line as the method taught in their country seemed to be slightly different from that of Singapore. Students were taught to use a dot to mark out numbers that were required by the question and to use arrows when large ranges are needed.

Example questions gone through: NA

Practice questions given: Tutorial 2 Qn 1, 2, 6, 7


General comments of students:
William did not show any interest when the questions in the test paper were being explained. Students were more rowdy especially William and Susan who quarrelled blatantly during lesson. They have been given a warning regarding this.
There is quite a large standard difference between William and the rest in Math. He is slower in grasping concepts and tends to lag behind in class. There were also signs that he did not fully understand the concepts used in different questions when the test paper was being explained on the board and merely copied down the corrections. As a result, there was a need go through the questions again with him when the others were working on practice questions.

Improvement points of students: NA

Homework given (including due date): Susan has to finish his math test corrections on new sheets of papers by 290409 (wed)

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